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A natural place to start

It can be expensive and time-consuming to have consultants review a company's energy consumption. C7 has a standing point in many years of experience in energy consulting, where we provide an easy and simple digitally-based overview of how your business can achieve significant value through clear measures on its own - before investing resources in external assistance.

A shorter path to green growth

C7 enables businesses to adopt sustainable practices without compromising economic growth, offering a cost-effective pathway to greener operations. Our digital platform simplifies the transition to sustainable energy use in key areas like electricity, heating, ventilation, and procurement, providing tailored recommendations for immediate action.

Value-adding tools

Embracing sustainability not only aligns with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and benefits our shared future but also delivers direct advantages for businesses. C7 goes beyond facilitating significant energy savings by integrating a company's green initiatives into its accounting, marketing, and HR strategies, enhancing its overall profile and operations.




Danmark has many green frontrunners in the business sector and a long tradition of central regulation in the energy sector, high expertise, and good subsidies. However, much of these benefits primarily favor the largest companies because, as a society, we aim to maximize energy savings per invested tax dollar. This approach makes sense but leaves many medium-sized companies behind.

Medium-sized enterprises play a crucial role in Denmark's collective effort to reduce CO2 emissions, especially through energy optimization. The potential is substantial, but the resources and expertise to realize it are often less than those available to larger companies that can allocate time and money to external consultancy – and are prioritized in public subsidy and support programs.

At Complete7, we bridge this gap by offering medium-sized businesses a path to energy optimization through an innovative digital approach. Our platform leverages advanced technology to pinpoint precise energy-saving projects, furnishing companies with the necessary guidance, knowledge, and digital tools to implement these changes effectively. We do this to provide medium-sized companies with the same opportunities to contribute to climate action and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals as larger corporations, particularly Sustainable Development Goal number 7 – hence the name Complete7. Through our digital solution, we empower medium-sized companies to take significant strides in energy efficiency, contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.


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